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Survey on the Identification of Qualifications Needs in Enterprises 2020

Statistics Portugal, in collaboration with the National Agency for Qualification and Vocational Education and Training and the General Directorate for Education and Science Statistics, promoted a Survey on the Identification of Qualifications Needs in Enterprises, between March and June 2020.

This survey was necessary to update the Qualification Needs Anticipation System. The updating of this system aims to identify qualification needs, areas and priority career opportunities for the education and training network, as well as to provide guidance for defining training offers and updating the National Catalogue of Qualifications, a tool for the strategic management of national qualifications at a non higher level.

According to this survey, in the next two years, companies intend to recruit 345,584 workers, which will correspond to a gross increase of 10.8% in their staff. Among the workers to be recruited, 49.9% are expected to have a non higher (vocational) education course, 32.2% a higher education course and 17.9%  are not supposed to have a specific qualification level.

Despite the actual context of the pandemic, the non higher level qualifications most indicated by the companies in their recruitment needs were Restaurant/bar technician (9th grade + professional certification), Commerce technician (12thgrade + professional certification) and Restaurant/bar technician (12thgrade + professional certification), corresponding to 9.0%, 6.4% and 5.9% of the total workers to be recruited with this level of qualification, respectively.

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