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Intellectual outputs of the project are:

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  1. Learning outcomes report in structured matrixes
    1. IO1 A1 Desk Research_Joint Report
    2. IO1 A1 Desk Research Report Turkey
    3. IO1 A1 Desk Research Report Greece
    4. IO1 A1 Desk Research Report Bulgaria
    5. IO1 A1 Desk Research Report Austria
    6. IO1 A1 Desk Research Report Portugal
    7. IO1 A1 Desk Research Report_Executive summary

IO1: Learning Outcomes Report in structured matrixes

2. IO2 Recognition of prior learning assessment module

3. IO3 Online toolkit for career guidance, recognition of prior learning and individual training support

4. IO4 Consolidated assessment of individual competence portfolios

Toolkit for RPL” project will provide access into online assessment system for several actors. These are:

  1. Competent body that are responsible for qualification definitions, proof the qualifications and secure the quality of them. They will have access where it can add qualifications and learning outcomes into RPL Toolkit.
  2. Institution and course provider that are offering education and training. They will add courses and modules they are providing into RPL Toolkit of the project. These courses and modules will have to be linked up with an existing qualification and the respective learning outcome.
  3. End users that are learner participants, trainees, students, apprentices or other persons that search for career guidance in a lifelong learning perspective. They will have the option to add all attended courses and training and work experience, as well as uploading supporting documents. As a part of competence mapping of users, they will also have the option of assessing their own competences through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) online assessments.
  4. Assessors that are certified and authorised as a qualified assessors by the competent body. They will have access to assess an individual’s competences only within the framework of the qualifications your competent body is responsible for. They will assess the students according to the assessment questions registered to every qualification unit. The assessors will use the set of questions to evaluate the level of competence of the learner, combined with other available documentation of performance.
  5. Mentors that are possibly teachers, guidance officers or in a similar role that in some setting is mentoring learners. They will have access by the institution that has qualified them as a mentor. With mentor access, they will have the right to see all the information a learner has added about him/herself into RPL Toolkit. With access as a mentor, he/she will play a guiding and supporting role towards the students and their career development.